Mick Cronin decries double standard

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said he sees a double standard with the way in which coaches are treated by officials after referee Teddy Valentine got in his face, almost nose-to-nose, during the second half of the Bearcats' 51-45 loss to Connecticut on Saturday.

"My beef with that is guys like Mick Cronin and Buzz Williams (of Marquette) of the world, we deal with some of it," Cronin told ESPN after the game. "When nobody gets in the Jim Boeheim's face or Mike Krzyzewski's face."

Syracuse's Boeheim did receive a technical and ejection when he protested a charge call to official Tony Greene last Saturday at Krzyzewski's Duke. Boeheim ran onto the court and confronted Greene and was ejected.

Valentine went to Cronin after calling an out-of-bounds play that Cronin challenged. Valentine then walked away as Cronin had to be restrained by his players and staff.

Valentine didn't issue a technical foul despite Cronin's behavior. Officials have the jurisdiction on such situations.

Official Michael Stuart issued two technicals and ejected UConn coach Kevin Ollie for coming on the court in a home loss to Louisville last month.

"I didn't appreciate it but I want you to know this, we have a relationship that's why he felt comfortable doing that," said Cronin of Valentine invading his personal space. "That ball was out on them I think. I took it personal. Where I come from you don't get in somebody's face."

Cronin said he has no problem with Valentine and is glad he's working the American conference after not being a regular in the Big East.

"He got in my face, I didn't get in his face," said Cronin. "Am I allowed to T him? That's what I asked him."

Cronin said he averages one and a half technicals a year. He said he wasn't going "to get a tech in a close game like that. If I get one it's because I want one or its uncalled for. This was much ado about nothing. They need to leave me alone. It's not my first rodeo."