Billy Gillispie still hospitalized

Texas Tech spokesperson Blayne Beal said Tuesday that there had been no change in head coach Billy Gillispie's status at the University Medical Center, where he has been since being admitted Friday morning.

Gillispie's hospitalization came three days after returning players on his team met with Red Raiders athletic director Kirby Hocutt to complain about the way in which they were being treated and coached by the second-year head coach.

Beal said Gillispie's health is the No. 1 priority and no decision on Gillispie's job status would be made at this time. Beal said that once Gillispie's health is under control, it will be a more appropriate time to discuss Gillispie and the state of the program.

Multiple Texas Tech players initially were called to meet individually with members of the compliance department about the number of hours they were being asked to practice. After the meeting with compliance officials, players met with Hocutt as a group.

Beal, who is in charge of communications, confirmed the meeting took place with Hocutt and the returning players.

CBSSports.com reported on Tuesday that further strife in the program has been caused by Gillispie's failing to fulfill promises to his coaching staff while also keeping scholarship players from opportunities and money.

The site reported that several coaches had been promised greater roles by Gillispie than they ultimately received. CBSSports.com, citing sources, further painted a picture of tyrannical practices during which injured players were sometimes reduced to tears.

Texas Tech has experienced a high amount of attrition since the end of Gillispie's first season, as six players from the 2011-12 roster have transferred: Cameron Forte, DeShon Minnis, Jaron Nash, Terran Petteway, Kevin Wagner and Javarez Willis.