Martin twins commit to NC State

Kentucky is not the only program that can recruit twins. North Carolina State, fresh off an elite 2012 recruiting class, laid the foundation for its 2014 effort by landing twins Caleb and Cody Martin.

Caleb and Cody (Mocksville, N.C./Davie Co.), both wing players, committed to the Wolfpack on Wednesday, according to their mother.

Ranked Nos. 34 and 35 in the ESPN 60, it's difficult to decipher the pair from one another. The two always planned to continue their careers at the same college. Since taking over at NC State, Mark Gottfried made landing the twins a priority.

The brothers, both capable of playing forward or guard, grew up in the heart of ACC country, just two hours from NC State.

"It means a lot," Caleb said. "We know how important the ACC is. We grew up around it and we got to see how great it was. We always wanted to be a part of it. Now that we're close to home and getting to play here is a great feeling."

The Wolfpack continued their recent recruiting success.
Their last seven commitments and signees have been top-100 players, including three McDonald's All-Americans, a would-be burger boy in point guard Anthony Barber (Hampton, Va./Hampton) and now the highest-rated twins in the junior class.

The twins play AAU basketball for Team Loaded, the program that produced Wolfpack freshman point guard Tyler Lewis. A recent trip to NC State, combined with the intensity by which the twins were targeted, pushed the Wolfpack ahead of a group of teams that was following them closely.

"When we saw them practice and we watched them, it felt like we fit in," Cody said. "Their offense, the way they run stuff and how the (power forward) can even get out on the perimeter and they run ... that's how we like to play."

The twins are strong athletes, solid defensive players and are only minimally different in their games. Caleb is the self-proclaimed spokesman for the pair. Cody would tell you that's not true, and that Caleb simply answers the phone more often.

Either way, they're inseparable.

"We'll probably be roommates," Cody said. "I've dealt with him for 17 years, so why not."