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Actor Charlie Day joins Arizona State's Curtain of Distraction

Arizona State Sun Devils

Actor Charlie Day visited Tempe, Arizona, on Wednesday and joined the Arizona State student section's Curtain of Distraction during the Sun Devils' game against Cal. 

But Day didn't just wear his street clothes for the game. The actor donned a neon-green body suit, just like the one his "It's Always Sunny" character Charlie Kelly wears when dressed as Green Man, for his debut behind ASU's infamous free-throw distraction tool. Green Man first appeared back in the third season of the show and has become a familiar part of the storyline since.


So did Day's appearance actually work?

The Sun Devils were crushed by the Bears 68-43. But Cal shot only 4-for-6 at the line while Day was in action at the curtain. 

-- Sarah Scrivens 

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