Courtney Schellin, 603d

Instant Awesome: Fans dress as ESPN commentators on sideline of Texas Tech basketball game

Texas Tech Red Raiders, LSU Tigers

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some heroes wear makeup. And talk about sports.

Just ask these fans who dressed up for Superhero Day at Texas Tech as none other than our very own ESPN commentators.

Dressed to the nines in full suit and tie, with their own makeshift cardboard desk and poster "ESPN" sign, these fans stole the show in Texas Tech's win over LSU Saturday.

Other costumed heroes to attend the game included Spiderman, The Incredibles and even Left Shark of Super Bowl halftime fame. 

The Red Raiders won 77-64, and although there was no court storming we can't help but wonder how these boys would hold up their TV demeanor amid a fan firestorm. 

Stay classy, Texas Tech.

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