#yourHRDerby: The fans speak

The Home Run Derby has long been one of the most highly anticipated events of the Major League Baseball season. Fans tune in to see who will hit the most and the longest home runs, and this year's event at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City will be no different.

The Derby has featured awesome power displays and memorable performances. But as the event prepares for its 27th edition on Monday, July 9, what would the fans like to see?

Each day leading up to the Home Run Derby, ESPN.com will solicit fan reaction about the event using Twitter (hashtag #yourHRDerby) and Facebook (ESPN Baseball Tonight). The top five fan responses to each question will be posted on this page.

Sunday's question

Two-part question: Who will win the derby? Who will hit the longest homer?
We want to hear from you! On Twitter, respond using the hashtag #yourHRDerby. A selection of the best responses will be posted.

Friday's question

If a non-All-Star could compete in this year's Derby, who would you pick?
Here are some of the best responses:

Thursday's question

Which all-time ballpark either is or would have been best suited for a Home Run Derby?
Here are some of the best responses:

Wednesday's question

Who would make up your all-time Home Run Derby foursome?
Here are some of the best responses:

Tuesday's question

What rules would you change to make the Derby better?
Here were some of the best responses:

Monday's question

Who is this year's biggest Home Run Derby snub?
The overwhelming sentiment at #yourHRDerby was that AL captain Robinson Cano should have picked hometown All-Star Billy Butler, but here are five responses: