Baseball is spoken here

The crack of a bat. The pop of a catcher's mitt. The roar of a crowd. Wherever baseball is played -- from Tokyo to Seoul to Beijing to New York City -- the sounds of the game are the same even if the languages are different.

Although Japanese-language broadcasts have not penetrated the market the way Spanish-language broadcasts have, it might be only a matter of time.

Here are some selected calls in Japanese that capture the passion, emotion and excitement of baseball:

Oct. 27, 2006: The Cardinals make the final out and become World Series champions. Listen

April 3, 2005: Hideki Matsui hits a home run against the Red Sox on Opening Day. Listen

Sept. 7, 2005: Matsui hits his 400th professional homer. Listen

June 19, 2004: Matsui hits a three-run homer off Hideo Nomo at Dodger Stadium in his first at-bat ever against the pitcher. Listen

April 6, 2004: Kazuo Matsui hits a home run in his first major league at-bat on the first pitch he sees from Tom Glavine. Listen

April 3, 2001: Ichiro gets his first ML hit vs. the A's. Listen

Oct. 7, 2001: Kazahiro Sasaki closes out the Mariners' 116th win of the season. Listen

Note: The source for all audio clips is MLB International. For more on what's going on around the globe, check out MLB.com International.