WINPedro FelicianoP. Feliciano(7-2)1.0 IP, 0 ER, 1 K, 2 BB
LOSSJon RauchJ. Rauch(4-5)1.0 IP, 1 ER, 1 K, 1 BB
SAVEBilly WagnerB. Wagner(40)1.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 K, 0 BB

Mets Hitting

E. ChavezRF0-33000100.305.347.424
P. Lo DucaC2-55121000.318.354.427
C. BeltranCF2-44021110.278.388.600
C. Delgado1B1-33110100.265.361.548
J. Valentin2B1-33011010.265.324.486
J. Franco3B1-33010120.265.325.342
M. TuckerLF0-33000120.204.389.333
C. WoodwardSS0-33000020.213.285.310
b - S. GreenPH0-00001000.273.339.422
A. HernandezSS0-00000000.133.148.183
J. MaineP1-22110010.036.069.071
a - R. LedeePH0-00100100.190.244.333
P. FelicianoP0-00000000.000.000.000
c - L. MilledgePH0-11000000.244.313.384
G. MotaP0-00000000.000.000.000
B. WagnerP0-00000000.000.000.000
b-hit sacrifice fly to right for C Woodward in the 8th
a-walked for J Maine in the 7th
c-popped out to second for P Feliciano in the 8th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    J Maine (1, T Armas); P Lo Duca (39, T Armas)
  • RBI:
    J Valentin (61), P Lo Duca (48), C Beltran (116), S Green (63)
  • 2Out RBI:
    P Lo Duca, C Beltran
  • SF:
    J Valentin; S Green
  • SH:
    E Chavez
  • GIDP:
    P Lo Duca
  • Team LOB:
  • Baserunning
  • SB:
    M Tucker (2, 2nd base off T Armas/R Fick); J Franco (6, 2nd base off C Booker/R Fick)
  • Fielding
  • E:
    P Lo Duca (11, throw)
  • DP:
    2 (J Valentin-C Woodward-C Delgado, C Woodward-J Valentin-C Delgado)

Mets Pitching

J. Maine6.033233192-573.6092
P. Feliciano (W,7-2)1.010021025-122.1225
G. Mota (H,4)1.000000011-74.6111
B. Wagner (S,40)1.010002012-92.2412
  • Pitching
  • WP:
    J Maine
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    J Maine 9-6; P Feliciano 1-1; G Mota 1-2; B Wagner 1-0
  • Game Scores:
    J Maine 56

Nationals Hitting

B. Castro2B0-44000010.228.291.297
F. LopezSS0-22100200.277.361.385
A. SorianoLF0-33100100.278.353.561
R. Zimmerman3B1-44011000.289.353.474
J. Vidro1B1-44010000.287.347.394
R. FickC1-44010000.256.318.339
N. LoganCF0-22000000.300.337.389
C. BookerP0-00000000.000.000.000
R. WagnerP0-00000000.333.333.333
b - H. MateoPH0-00000100.167.231.375
J. RauchP0-00000000.000.000.000
C. SchroderP0-00000000.000.000.000
c - B. HarperPH0-11000010.324.395.568
R. ChurchRF-CF2-44121020.270.364.524
T. ArmasP0-11000010.060.078.060
a - G. LombardPH-RF0-11000110.176.333.353
b-walked for R Wagner in the 7th
c-struck out looking for C Schroder in the 9th
a-struck out swinging for T Armas in the 5th
  • Batting
  • HR:
    R Church (10, 5th inning off J Maine 0 on, 1 Out)
  • RBI:
    R Zimmerman (110), R Church (34)
  • GIDP:
    R Fick; A Soriano
  • Team LOB:
  • Baserunning
  • SB:
    F Lopez (44, 3rd base off J Maine/P Lo Duca)
  • Fielding
  • E:
    R Fick (1, throw)
  • DP:
    1 (B Castro-F Lopez-J Vidro)

Nationals Pitching

T. Armas5.0422350112-685.03112
C. Booker (H,3)1.010002013-911.0513
R. Wagner (B,2)1.011110017-84.7017
J. Rauch (L,4-5)1.021111030-183.3930
C. Schroder1.000011011-65.6011
  • Pitching
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    T Armas 3-7; C Booker 0-1; R Wagner 2-0; J Rauch 0-2; C Schroder 2-0
  • Game Scores:
    T Armas 53

Scoring Summary

4thJ Valentin hit sacrifice fly to right, P Lo Duca scored, C Beltran to third.10
4thF Lopez stole third, F Lopez scored, A Soriano safe at second on throwing error by catcher P Lo Duca.11
4thR Zimmerman singled to right, A Soriano scored.12
5thP Lo Duca doubled to right, J Maine scored.22
5thR Church homered to center.23
7thC Beltran singled to center, R Ledee scored.33
8thS Green hit sacrifice fly to right, C Delgado scored, J Valentin to third.43