WINMike LeakeM. Leake(1-0)7.0 IP, 5 ER, 5 K, 1 BB
LOSSHong-Chih KuoH. Kuo(0-1)0.1 IP, 2 ER, 0 K, 1 BB
SAVEFrancisco CorderoF. Cordero(6)1.0 IP, 0 ER, 1 K, 1 BB

Dodgers Hitting

R. FurcalSS1-550110013.344.417.453
M. KempCF1-331101116.333.405.730
A. EthierRF1-441120013.388.455.714
M. RamirezLF1-33010007.415.500.659
R. JohnsonPR-LF0-11000013.280.280.400
J. Loney1B1-440100113.313.333.373
C. Blake3B0-440000317.288.339.481
B. DeWitt2B1-331101013.268.412.268
R. MartinC2-441200116.333.446.444
V. PadillaP0-22000007.000.143.000
a - G. AndersonPH1-11112003.192.241.346
H. KuoP0-00000000.000.000.000
R. BelisarioP0-00000000.000.000.000
G. SherrillP0-00000000.000.000.000
R. TroncosoP0-00000000.000.000.000
b - R. BelliardPH0-11000014.391.391.739
a-homered to right for V Padilla in the 7th
b-struck out swinging for R Troncoso in the 9th
  • Batting
  • HR:
    A Ethier (5, 1st inning off M Leake 1 on, 1 Out); G Anderson (1, 7th inning off M Leake 1 on, 1 Out)
  • RBI:
    A Ethier 2 (16), R Furcal (6), G Anderson 2 (4)
  • 2Out RBI:
    R Furcal
  • Team RISP:
    1-5 (V Padilla 0-1, C Blake 0-1, R Belliard 0-1, R Furcal 1-2)
  • Team LOB:
  • Baserunning
  • CS:
    R Johnson (1, 3rd base by M Leake/R Hanigan)
  • Fielding
  • E:
    V Padilla (1, throw); J Loney (1, throw)

Dodgers Pitching

V. Padilla6.07420894-676.6594
H. Kuo (L,0-1; H, 1)0.1122108-454.008
R. Belisario (B,1)0.23221018-910.8018
G. Sherrill0.11001011-510.1311
R. Troncoso0.2000028-54.508
  • Pitching
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    V Padilla 17-27; H Kuo 2-3; R Belisario 3-6; G Sherrill 2-3; R Troncoso 0-2
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    V Padilla 16-12-20-19; H Kuo 1-1-0-2; R Belisario 3-0-1-5; G Sherrill 1-1-1-2; R Troncoso 0-2-3-0
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    V Padilla 4-6; H Kuo 1-0; R Belisario 0-2; G Sherrill 1-0; R Troncoso 0-0
  • Game Scores:
    V Padilla 54

Reds Hitting

C. DickersonLF0-551000219.257.278.343
O. CabreraSS3-441311117.262.284.410
J. Votto1B1-331111018.321.409.536
B. Phillips2B1-551100219.222.300.397
S. Rolen3B1-551120115.289.373.600
J. BruceRF1-332121211.200.274.418
D. StubbsCF2-441210014.174.283.283
R. HaniganC3-440310112.409.458.591
M. LeakeP0-220000112.429.429.429
a - M. CairoPH0-11000002.125.125.125
A. RhodesP0-00000000.000.000.000
F. CorderoP0-00000000.000.000.000
a-popped out to shortstop for M Leake in the 7th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    B Phillips (5, V Padilla); S Rolen (2, R Belisario)
  • HR:
    J Bruce (3, 6th inning off V Padilla 1 on, 1 Out)
  • RBI:
    J Votto (9), O Cabrera (12), J Bruce 2 (7), S Rolen 2 (7), D Stubbs (6), R Hanigan (6)
  • 2Out RBI:
    O Cabrera, S Rolen 2, D Stubbs, R Hanigan
  • SF:
    J Votto
  • SH:
    M Leake
  • Team RISP:
    5-12 (D Stubbs 1-1, S Rolen 1-3, J Bruce 1-1, M Cairo 0-1, O Cabrera 1-1, B Phillips 0-2, J Votto 0-1, R Hanigan 1-1, C Dickerson 0-1)
  • Team LOB:
  • Fielding
  • DP:
    1 (R Hanigan-S Rolen)

Reds Pitching

M. Leake (W,1-0)7.08551593-583.9293
A. Rhodes (H,4)1.00000214-101.3514
F. Cordero (S,6)1.01001118-133.1218
  • Pitching
  • IBB:
    J Bruce (By R Belisario)
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    M Leake 13-29; A Rhodes 2-3; F Cordero 3-5
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    M Leake 23-3-10-22; A Rhodes 3-2-4-1; F Cordero 4-2-4-3
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    M Leake 13-2; A Rhodes 1-0; F Cordero 0-2
  • Game Scores:
    M Leake 45

Scoring Summary

1stA Ethier homered to right (382 feet), M Kemp scored.20
1stJ Votto hit sacrifice fly to left, C Dickerson scored.21
5thR Furcal singled to center, B DeWitt scored.31
5thO Cabrera reached on infield single to third, D Stubbs scored, R Hanigan to third, M Leake to second.32
6thJ Bruce homered to right (412 feet), B Phillips scored.34
7thG Anderson homered to right (395 feet), R Martin scored.54
7thS Rolen doubled to deep left, O Cabrera and J Votto scored.56
7thD Stubbs singled to right, S Rolen scored, J Bruce to third.57
7thR Hanigan singled to left, J Bruce scored, D Stubbs to second.58

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