WINScott RiceS. Rice(4-5)0.1 IP, 0 ER, 0 K, 0 BB
LOSSJose MijaresJ. Mijares(0-2)1.1 IP, 1 ER, 3 K, 1 BB

Mets Hitting

E. Young Jr.CF-LF1-331102122.263.318.369
D. Murphy2B1-440110024.267.302.387
D. Wright3B2-332202018.309.403.520
M. ByrdRF2-442241114.269.315.500
J. Satin1B0-222003226.362.486.569
I. Davis1B0-00000000.171.259.261
A. BrownLF1-550120117.250.313.455
C. TorresP0-00000000.000.000.000
A. ReckerC1-551120115.167.228.417
O. QuintanillaSS3-551310019.252.321.367
D. GeeP0-33000029.129.182.129
S. RiceP0-00000000.000.000.000
a - J. LagaresPH-CF1-22110003.230.252.338
a-singled to right for S Rice in the 8th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    O Quintanilla (6, B Zito); D Wright (20, J Mijares)
  • HR:
    A Recker (5, 6th inning off B Zito 1 on, 1 Out); M Byrd (14, 8th inning off J Dunning 3 on, 2 Out)
  • RBI:
    A Brown 2 (8), O Quintanilla (13), A Recker 2 (13), D Murphy (36), M Byrd 4 (47)
  • 2Out RBI:
    O Quintanilla, M Byrd 4
  • SF:
    D Murphy
  • GIDP:
    D Murphy
  • Team RISP:
    3-9 (E Young Jr. 0-1, A Brown 1-2, A Recker 0-1, J Satin 0-1, O Quintanilla 1-1, D Gee 0-2, M Byrd 1-1)
  • Team LOB:
  • Baserunning
  • CS:
    E Young Jr. (6, 2nd base by B Zito/G Quiroz)
  • Fielding
  • E:
    A Recker (3, throw); D Murphy (11, throw)
  • DP:
    1 (D Gee-J Satin)
  • Assists:
    A Brown (M Scutaro at Home)

Mets Pitching

D. Gee6.2955530108-674.60108
S. Rice (W,4-5)0.10000005-34.465
C. Torres2.041001038-240.5138
  • Pitching
  • IBB:
    M Byrd (By J Mijares)
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    D Gee 21-33; S Rice 0-1; C Torres 6-10
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    D Gee 13-11-18-25; S Rice 1-1-0-1; C Torres 9-1-5-9
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    D Gee 9-6; S Rice 1-0; C Torres 3-2
  • Game Scores:
    D Gee 34

Giants Hitting

G. BlancoCF2-551200012.277.338.369
K. TanakaLF1-441101018.250.400.250
M. Scutaro2B2-440200115.316.368.405
P. Sandoval3B1-330121014.258.301.376
H. PenceRF2-552200128.267.310.457
B. Belt1B1-222102014.257.331.434
J. AffeldtP0-00000000.000.000.000
J. DunningP0-00000000.000.000.000
b - N. NoonanPH1-11011001.218.261.241
B. CrawfordSS2-440201120.267.329.382
G. QuirozC0-440010118.194.242.306
B. ZitoP0-11000003.148.148.148
a - T. AbreuPH1-11011002.327.375.558
J. MijaresP0-00000000.000.000.000
B. Posey1B0-11000006.317.393.535
b-singled to center for J Dunning in the 9th
a-reached on infield single to shortstop for B Zito in the 6th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    P Sandoval (9, D Gee)
  • RBI:
    G Quiroz (5), P Sandoval 2 (39), T Abreu (6), N Noonan (5)
  • 2Out RBI:
    N Noonan
  • SF:
    P Sandoval
  • SH:
    G Quiroz; M Scutaro; B Zito
  • Team RISP:
    3-11 (T Abreu 1-1, N Noonan 1-1, G Quiroz 0-2, H Pence 0-1, G Blanco 0-2, B Crawford 1-3, P Sandoval 0-1)
  • Team LOB:
  • Baserunning
  • SB:
    B Belt (4, 2nd base off D Gee/A Recker)
  • Fielding
  • DP:
    1 (B Crawford-M Scutaro-B Belt)

Giants Pitching

B. Zito6.0755451102-614.62102
J. Mijares (L,0-2)1.131113030-182.5630
J. Affeldt0.113320017-83.7717
J. Dunning1.111110118-101.8418
  • Pitching
  • WP:
    J Affeldt
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    B Zito 17-27; J Mijares 4-8; J Affeldt 2-4; J Dunning 3-6
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    B Zito 16-9-18-18; J Mijares 6-1-7-4; J Affeldt 2-0-4-2; J Dunning 2-1-2-5
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    B Zito 6-6; J Mijares 0-1; J Affeldt 0-1; J Dunning 4-0
  • Game Scores:
    B Zito 39

Scoring Summary

2ndH Pence scored, B Belt safe at third on throwing error by catcher A Recker.01
2ndG Quiroz grounded into fielder's choice to second, B Belt scored.02
4thA Brown singled to left, D Wright and M Byrd scored, J Satin to second.22
4thO Quintanilla singled to center, J Satin scored, A Brown to second.32
5thP Sandoval grounded out to second, G Blanco scored, K Tanaka to third.33
6thA Recker homered to left center (401 feet), J Satin scored.53
6thT Abreu reached on infield single to shortstop, B Belt scored, B Crawford to third.54
7thP Sandoval hit sacrifice fly to center, K Tanaka scored.55
8thD Murphy hit sacrifice fly to center, O Quintanilla scored, J Lagares to third.65
8thM Byrd homered to left (381 feet), J Lagares, E Young Jr. and D Wright scored.105
9thN Noonan singled to center, H Pence scored.106