WINRicky NolascoR. Nolasco(12-9)6.0 IP, 2 ER, 5 K, 1 BB
LOSSJhoulys ChacinJ. Chacin(13-8)7.0 IP, 4 ER, 3 K, 2 BB
SAVEChris WithrowC. Withrow(1)0.1 IP, 0 ER, 1 K, 0 BB

Dodgers Hitting

C. CrawfordLF3-551320123.295.347.416
N. PuntoSS4-551400022.259.336.332
A. Gonzalez1B0-440010115.290.336.456
M. Young3B1-551100214.274.334.392
A. EthierCF1-222103021.280.368.430
M. Ellis2B0-441001018.276.325.363
S. SchumakerRF1-551100019.272.344.346
C. WithrowP0-00000000.000.000.000
T. FederowiczC2-330210013.239.285.358
R. NolascoP0-22000018.128.196.170
J.P. HowellP0-00000000.000.000.000
a - J. UribePH0-11000013.273.329.395
P. RodriguezP0-00000000.000.000.000
R. BelisarioP0-00000000.000.000.000
S. Van SlykeRF0-00000000.252.331.495
a-struck out swinging for J Howell in the 8th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    A Ethier (31, J Chacin); T Federowicz (7, M Corpas)
  • RBI:
    T Federowicz (14), C Crawford 2 (28), A Gonzalez (87)
  • 2Out RBI:
    C Crawford 2
  • SF:
    T Federowicz; A Gonzalez
  • SH:
    R Nolasco
  • GIDP:
    M Young; R Nolasco
  • Team RISP:
    2-10 (M Young 0-2, C Crawford 1-1, M Ellis 0-2, S Schumaker 1-2, A Gonzalez 0-2, J Uribe 0-1)
  • Team LOB:
  • Fielding
  • E:
    C Crawford (4, bobble)
  • DP:
    1 (N Punto-M Ellis)

Dodgers Pitching

C. Withrow (S,1)0.10000106-43.336
R. Nolasco (W,12-9)6.052215085-613.2685
J.P. Howell (H,11)1.000000011-52.2811
P. Rodriguez0.011110111-62.0311
R. Belisario (H,20)1.221100028-173.4728
  • Pitching
  • WP:
    R Belisario
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    R Nolasco 20-23; J Howell 0-3; P Rodriguez 1-2; R Belisario 0-6; C Withrow 0-1
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    R Nolasco 20-12-12-17; J Howell 0-1-1-3; P Rodriguez 1-2-2-1; R Belisario 5-0-6-6; C Withrow 2-1-1-0
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    R Nolasco 6-6; J Howell 2-1; P Rodriguez 0-0; R Belisario 3-1; C Withrow 0-0
  • Game Scores:
    R Nolasco 58

Rockies Hitting

D. FowlerCF0-220002120.261.369.408
D. LeMahieu2B2-33120008.281.315.370
T. TulowitzkiSS0-440010011.314.387.552
M. CuddyerRF1-440100221.328.388.535
W. RosarioC1-441100013.295.320.499
T. Helton1B0-440010019.249.318.402
N. Arenado3B1-440100113.270.303.417
C. BlackmonLF1-331100018.287.314.447
M. CorpasP0-00000000.000.000.000
R. BrothersP0-00000000.000.000.000
R. ScahillP0-00000000.000.000.000
b - C. DickersonPH0-11000016.293.341.504
J. ChacinP1-22011017.196.230.214
J. OutmanP0-00000000.000.000.000
C. GonzalezLF0-00000000.302.367.591
a - J. RutledgePH1-11111005.219.280.330
C. CulbersonLF0-00000000.224.233.328
b-struck out swinging for R Scahill in the 9th
a-homered to left for C Gonzalez in the 8th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    C Blackmon (10, R Nolasco); D LeMahieu (18, R Nolasco)
  • HR:
    J Rutledge (7, 8th inning off P Rodriguez 0 on, 0 Out)
  • RBI:
    J Chacin (5), T Tulowitzki (69), J Rutledge (18), T Helton (49)
  • 2Out RBI:
    J Chacin
  • SH:
    D LeMahieu
  • Team RISP:
    1-5 (J Chacin 1-1, T Helton 0-1, T Tulowitzki 0-2, C Dickerson 0-1)
  • Team LOB:
  • Baserunning
  • SB:
    N Arenado (2, 2nd base off C Withrow/T Federowicz)
  • CS:
    M Cuddyer (3, 2nd base by R Nolasco)
  • Fielding
  • E:
    W Rosario (11, ground ball); C Culberson (2, fly ball)
  • DP:
    2 (T Tulowitzki-D LeMahieu-T Helton, J Chacin-T Tulowitzki-D LeMahieu)

Rockies Pitching

M. Corpas0.11000107-54.457
R. Brothers0.223012030-161.5430
R. Scahill0.10000002-14.072
J. Chacin (L,13-8)7.0944230104-633.16104
J. Outman0.200010013-74.1713
  • Pitching
  • WP:
    R Brothers
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    J Chacin 14-31; J Outman 2-3; M Corpas 2-2; R Brothers 1-6; R Scahill 0-1
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    J Chacin 18-8-11-26; J Outman 2-2-1-2; M Corpas 0-1-3-1; R Brothers 3-4-6-3; R Scahill 0-0-0-1
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    J Chacin 9-9; J Outman 1-1; M Corpas 0-0; R Brothers 0-0; R Scahill 1-0
  • Game Scores:
    J Chacin 44

Scoring Summary

2ndT Federowicz hit sacrifice fly to center, A Ethier scored.10
2ndC Crawford singled to left, M Ellis and S Schumaker scored.30
5thA Gonzalez hit sacrifice fly to center, C Crawford scored.40
5thJ Chacin singled to right, C Blackmon scored.41
6thT Tulowitzki grounded out to shortstop, D LeMahieu scored.42
8thJ Rutledge homered to left (396 feet).43
9thM Ellis safe at second on error by left fielder C Culberson, N Punto, M Young and A Ethier scored.73
9thT Helton grounded out to first, W Rosario scored.74

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