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Friday, December 14
Updated: January 19, 1:19 PM ET
Jayson Stark 2001 archive

By Jayson Stark

Dec. 14: Not all free agents finding riches

Dec. 13: The not-so-done deals

Dec. 13: Hart takes chance on Everett

Dec. 12: Mariners active in trade talks

Dec. 11: Behind the scenes of Alomar trade

Dec. 10: Ricciardi's Jays keeping busy

Dec. 9: Let's make a deal

Dec. 5: Congress v. Baseball

Nov. 29: Selig, owners have some 'splaining to do

Nov. 27: The same old 'issues'

Nov. 20: Rolen's drama with Phillies heats up

Nov. 16: Rolen tells Phillies he wants to test free agency

Nov. 8: Nothing like '98

Nov. 8: There are numerous ways contraction will be fought

Nov. 5: Yanks a team for the ages

Nov. 4: One of the best ever

Nov. 3: Analyze this? There's no way

Nov. 1: Yanks continue to amaze

Oct. 31: Yanks have magic touch

Oct. 30: Brenly makes right decision to start Schilling

Oct. 29: Five reasons the champs in trouble

Oct. 28: Yanks' offense has big headache

Oct. 27: D-Backs know they need three more W's

Oct. 26: Time for Yankees' pitchers to take over

Oct. 24: Decisions to watch

Oct. 23: Why D-Backs can win

Oct. 21: Johnson delivers knockout punch

Oct. 20: Braves play Twilight Zone defense

Oct. 19: October becomes Schilling's month

Oct. 16: Giambi noncommittal about future in Oakland

Oct. 15: Amazing dynasty lives on

Oct. 14: Three innings of greatness

Oct. 13: Forget 116, Cleveland eyes win No. 3

Oct. 11: Time running out on Yankees

Oct. 10: Looseness at heart of Oakland's success

Oct. 6: Ripken bids baseball an emotional farewell

Oct. 4: Still too early to count out Braves

Oct. 3: Glavine still able to summon magic

Oct. 2: Phils, not Braves, maintain their poise

Sept. 28: Give Bonds the award

Sept. 25: AL candidates line up for MVP

Sept. 19: Phillies' surge defies explanation

Sept. 17: A victory for the country

Sept. 16: A re-examination on Re-Opening Day

Sept. 13: The struggle of a lifetime

Sept. 13: Bud's tough decision

Sept. 12: Baseball Q & A: What's next?

Sept. 11: Baseball mourns with rest of nation

Sept. 4: Don't doubt the Mariners

Aug. 30: Phillies' future proves promising

Aug. 16: Williams meets inevitable fate

Aug. 7: Another ghost haunts Rose

Aug. 6: Time was right for a change

Aug. 6: Hall of Fame announces sweeping changes

Aug. 5: Another dramatic moment for Mazeroski

Aug. 5: Winfield-Boss peace hard to comprehend

Aug. 4: Winfield, Puckett, Mazeroski -- perfect together

July 10: That's Cal

July 9: Gonzalez remains unknown

July 9: Piazza says he's not worrying about facing Clemens

June 28: Gwynn is the best of our generation

June 22: Rocker gets needed fresh start

June 4: Projecting the top 10

May 9: No record for Johnson? So what

May 4: 'The Catch' is still The Play

May 4: Top 10 plays of all time

May 4: Key number? 6.72 team ERA

April 26: It's time to put the draft on TV

April 18: Plenty of problems remain for D-Rays

April 4: The Clemens K-ontroversy

April 1: MLB train will roll on

April 1: A-Rod, Rangers show rust

March 31: Pride of Puerto Rico

March 31: Yankees gunning for four-peat

March 27: What's a strike?

March 22: LF is just fine for Knobby

March 21: From the booth to the hot seat

March 6: One inning, one giant step for Smoltz

March 5: Glavine's brave face

March 3: Phillies, Royals: Low budgets, little hope

March 1: E-4! ... Is Knobby back?

February 28: The Dodgers' $50 million rotation

February 23: A-Rod knows what to expect

February 21: Pitching questions continue for Indians

February 19: Hart: Money drove Manny from Cleveland

February 18: A pitcher in limbo

February 17: The save: the stat that controls the game

January 16: A cap-tivating question to ponder

January 15: My Hall of Fame ballot

January 8: Damon a first-class rental for A's

Year in Review
Oct. 6: Barry, Barry and more Barry

Oct. 6: Looking back on 2001

Week in Review
Sept. 7: This crew brews up the strikeouts

Aug. 31: It's amazing how much ire a little earring can produce

Aug. 24: Six years later, Rijo enjoys 'biggest moment of my life'

Aug. 17: You think Bonds is the Giants' hottest hitter? Guess again

Aug. 3: Hey, it happens every 180,000 games

July 27: Calling all astronauts ... let's give it another shot

July 20: A 'bomb,' a 'scud?' Heck, you make the call

June 29: Chad crisis hits America again

June 22: Just a Sparks-ling effort in Detroit

June 15: Astros-Rangers: Giving them the boot

June 8: Looking for results? Call in The Monkey

June 1: What really is in the unwritten rulebook

May 25: A seventh-inning classic

May 18: It was beautiful, it was ugly

May 11: Randy's 20-K effort was absolutely scintillating

May 4: For offseason training tips, follow the Deion Plan

April 27: It's official: Youppi! lives!

April 20: Ready for a double-dip? Sure, let's do it

April 13: Ah, to heck with Pittsburgh's new PNC Park

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Jayson Stark 2000 archive

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