Sox, Cards fans a world apart

ST. LOUIS -- And now the World Series shifts to St. Louis and Busch Stadium. The Red Sox will find it an odd site for baseball in that no one will be yelling "You Suck!'' at them.

It's a different atmosphere in St. Louis. Boston and St. Louis both are two of the best baseball cities and their fans are well known for their passion. Cardinals fans, however, are different from Red Sox fans, famous for being the most polite and supportive in the game. You'll hear Cardinals fans booing anyone at Busch Stadium about as often as you'll hear Red Sox fans praising Derek Jeter at Fenway Park.

That's not the only way the two fans are different. Here's how they stack up:

St. Louis fans wouldn't think of attending a game without wearing a bright red t-shirt emblazoned with the familiar Cardinals logo across the chest. Red Sox fans wouldn't think of attending a game without wearing a beer-stained white t-shirt cheaply silk-screened with the familiar words, "Jeter Sucks!'' across the chest.

Cardinals fans ease their tensions before big games by toppling the pins at the Bowling Hall of Fame across the street from Busch Stadium, Red Sox fans ease their tensions after big games by turning over cars and setting them ablaze in nearby Kenmore Square.

During World Series games, Cardinals fans eagerly look forward to seeing the majestic Budweiser Clydesdales parade around the outfield. During World Series games, Red Sox fans dread seeing Manny Ramirez stumble across the outfield.

Red Sox fans join together between innings late in the game to sing and sway along to that well-known, long-established baseball anthem, Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline.'' Cardinals fans join together during the seventh inning to enjoy that inspiring American anthem, the Budweiser jungle.

Red Sox fans can look at their beautiful 92-year-old ballpark, a registered national historic landmark, and reflect on how it is where Babe Ruth pitched, where Ted Williams hit .406 and where Yaz patrolled the wall. Cardinals fans can look at their stadium that is scheduled for demolition and reflect on how it is where the tarp machine attacked Vince Coleman.

When a St. Louis batter homers, Cardinals fans demand that he come out for a curtain call. When a Red Sox pitcher allows a homer in a crucial situation, Boston fans demand that he move out of the state.

Cardinals fans hear the name Jack Buck and sigh with cherished memories of the man who broadcast so many of the greatest moments in team history. Red Sox fans hear the name Bucky Dent and break into hives.

Cardinals fans can sit in a tram and see the field from the top of one of America's most famous landmarks -- the Gateway Arch. Red Sox fans can sit in seats and see the field from the top of America's most beloved landmark -- the Green Monster.

St. Louis fans fondly recall the days when their shortstop took the field by performing a back flip. Boston fans fondly recall flipping New York shortstops the bird.

Red Sox fans get to listen to Steven Tyler and James Taylor play the national anthem before World Series games. Cardinals fans get to listen to Stan Musial playing the harmonica.

And the biggest difference between Red Sox and Cardinals fans ...

When Red Sox fans don't like an opposing player, they chant, "You suck!'' On the few occasions when an opponent irritates St. Louis fans, they chant, "You're not very nice!''

Jim Caple is a senior writer for ESPN.com.