Commissioner, Major League Baseball

Bud Selig

"… a historic series

for baseball fans."

"The Braves and the Pirates were more than just two great teams; they were worthy rivals for two straight years," Selig said in response to a question from about how Sid Bream's slide represents the game of baseball. "Appropriately, the final game between them was the most remarkable of all. The play at the plate after Francisco Cabrera's single remains one of the most exciting moments in postseason history. Sid Bream giving everything he had to score from second, a play at the plate, the players rejoicing around him as the umpire signaled safe and all this accomplished in front of the hometown Braves fans who went wild. It was a thrilling way to conclude a historic series for baseball fans."

The celebration began with Sid Bream and David

Justice at the plate as Mike LaValliere's tag was late.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Jim Gund