Eddie Plank

A's starting pitcher Eddie Plank, warming up before Game 2 of the 1914 World Series, pitched brilliantly but lost 1-0 to the Braves' Bill James.
Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Eddie Plank, LHP


Career: 1901-14, 1916-17, A's & Browns
Fun fact: Owns the record for career shutouts by a left-handed pitcher with 66

If anyone created the archetype for the "finesse lefty," it might have been Plank: He was famous for a wicked sidearm curve and deliberate pace on the mound.

Plank pitched Philadelphia to five World Series appearances in 10 years. He was the first southpaw to win 200 and then 300 games in a big league career.

Previous rank: 103