Don Larsen reached a three-ball count against only one hitter: Pee Wee Reese in the first inning.
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WS Game 5

Oct. 8, 1956 -- Yankees 2, B'klyn Dodgers 0: Don Larsen wasn't a great major league pitcher. He would win 81 games in his career, lose 91, walk nearly as many batters as he struck out.

Larsen wasn't expecting to start Game 5 against the Dodgers, not after getting knocked out in the second inning of Game 2. But Casey Stengel gave him the ball and, on a magical autumn day, Larsen had perfect control, his slider was moving and the baseball gods were on his side. In the second inning, Jackie Robinson's grounder bounced off third baseman Andy Carey right to shortstop Gil McDougald. Larsen would go to three balls on just one batter, throw just 97 pitches. His final pitch was a called strike on pinch-hitter Dale Mitchell. Yogi Berra leapt into his arms. Perfection.
-- David Schoenfield