In this wide-angle shot of the Polo Grounds, the Giants' Rube Marquard throws the first pitch of the World Series to the Athletics' Eddie Murphy.
Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Philadelphia (AL) 4, New York (NL) 1

Game Scores:
PHI 6, NYG 4 @ NYG
NYG 3, PHI 0 @ PHI
PHI 8, NYG 1 @ NYG
PHI 6, NYG 5 @ PHI
PHI 3, NYG 1 @ NYG

Why the Athletics won: Hall of Famers Frank "Home Run" Baker and Eddie Collins hit .450 and .421, respectively.

Why the Giants lost: The Giants hit just .201 to lose for the third straight season.

Memorable moment: Eddie Plank spun a masterful two-hitter in the clinching game.

Key stat: 0.95. The identical Series ERAs of Game 5 starters Plank and Christy Mathewson, with Plank outpitching Mathewson to win the championship.