Thursday, August 25, 2016

ESPN Stat Pack


HP and ESPN have teamed up to bring you the Stat Pack. Because no one knows sports fans like ESPN. And no one but HP gives you the technology you need to enjoy sports even more -- like digital cameras to capture your favorite sports moments and Photosmart printers that help you share them.

The Stat Pack offers:
- Up-to-date news and stats for each game
- A Scorecard to track the action yourself
- An easy-to-print format

It's everything you need to get the most out of every game.
Previews for all MLB Games are available by 11 AM each morning.

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Stat Pack
Stat Pack
Detroit at Minnesota 1:10 PM Stat Pack TicketsNorris vs. Berrios
Boston at Tampa Bay 1:10 PM Stat Pack TicketsPomeranz vs. Odorizzi
Baltimore at Washington 7:05 PM Stat Pack TicketsJimenez vs. Scherzer
LA Angels at Toronto 7:07 PM Stat Pack TicketsWeaver vs. Happ
Kansas City at Miami 7:10 PM Stat Pack TicketsVolquez vs. Koehler
NY Mets at St. Louis 7:15 PM Stat Pack TicketsLugo vs. Wainwright
Cleveland at Texas 8:05 PM Stat Pack TicketsTomlin vs. Hamels
Seattle at Chicago Sox 8:10 PM Stat Pack TicketsPaxton vs. Ranaudo
Pittsburgh at Milwaukee 8:10 PM Stat Pack TicketsKuhl vs. Peralta
Atlanta at Arizona 9:40 PM Stat Pack TicketsWisler vs. Ray
San Francisco at LA Dodgers 10:10 PM Stat Pack TicketsMoore vs. Stripling

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