Game Information

Oakland Coliseum
  • Oakland, California 94666
Attendance: 54,513
Capacity: 35,067

Scoring Summary

1stJa Giambi singled to right, A Soriano scored, D Jeter to second.10
2ndB Williams singled to right, R White scored, J Vander Wal to second.20
2ndD Jeter homered to left center, J Vander Wal and B Williams scored.50
3rdJe Giambi grounded out to first, R Hernandez scored, C Pena to third.51
4thM Tejada homered to left center, D Justice scored.53
6thT Long singled to left, D Justice scored, E Chavez to second.54
6thJe Giambi walked, T Long scored, R Hernandez to third, C Pena to second.55
7thJa Giambi doubled to right, D Jeter and B Williams scored.75
8thA Soriano doubled to right, G Williams scored, N Johnson to third.85
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