Game Information

T-Mobile Park
  • Seattle, Washington 98104
Attendance: 45,602
Capacity: 47,447

Scoring Summary

1stD Justice singled to left, M Ellis scored, M Tejada to second.10
1stE Chavez singled to right, M Tejada scored, D Justice to third, J Dye to second.20
1stT Long walked, D Justice scored, J Dye to third, E Chavez to second.30
3rdJ Mabry doubled to right, D Justice and E Chavez scored. J Mabry to third advancing on throw.50
3rdT Long singled to right, J Mabry scored.60
3rdM Tejada doubled to left, T Long, S Hatteberg and M Ellis scored.90
3rdD Justice doubled to deep center, M Tejada scored.100
3rdJ Olerud hit sacrifice fly to left, I Suzuki scored.101
4thE Chavez homered to right center.111
4thG Myers homered to right center, J Mabry scored.131
4thD Wilson singled to shallow center, C Guillen scored, D Relaford to second.132
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