Game Information

Globe Life Park in Arlington
  • Arlington, Texas 76096
Attendance: 34,585
Capacity: 49,170

Scoring Summary

1stJ Gonzalez doubled to left center, A Rodriguez scored.01
1stR Palmeiro homered to right, J Gonzalez scored.03
6thD Justice hit sacrifice fly to left, S Hatteberg scored.13
7thM Ellis doubled to left, R Hernandez scored, T Long to third.23
7thR Durham hit sacrifice fly to left, T Long scored.33
7thJ Dye singled to center, M Ellis scored.43
7thC Everett homered to left.44
7thR Rivera homered to right center.45
7thJ Gonzalez singled to center, M Young and K Mench scored, A Rodriguez to third.47
7thR Palmeiro singled to center, A Rodriguez scored, J Gonzalez to third.48
7thI Rodriguez doubled to left center, J Gonzalez and R Palmeiro scored.410
7thC Everett homered to left, I Rodriguez scored.412
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