Game Information

Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium
  • Bronx, New York 10499
Attendance: 54,703

Scoring Summary

1stB Williams singled to center, A Soriano scored, D Jeter to second, D Jeter to third, B Williams to second on throwing error by center fielder T Long.01
1stJa Giambi singled to right center, D Jeter and B Williams scored.03
2ndJ Dye singled to right, D Justice scored.13
2ndT Long homered to right, J Dye scored.33
2ndB Williams singled to left, A Soriano scored, D Jeter to second.34
2ndJa Giambi singled to left center, D Jeter scored, B Williams to second.35
4thD Jeter singled to left, C Widger scored, D Jeter to second advancing on throw. D Jeter to third on throwing error by third baseman E Chavez.36
6thS Hatteberg singled to left, D Justice scored.46
6thS Spencer homered to left center.47
6thA Soriano homered to left center.48
9thM Tejada singled to left, R Hernandez scored.58
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