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The world changed Saturday night at Wrigley

Grown men cried. Strangers hugged. Nobody wanted to leave. Why? The Chicago Cubs are FINALLY going to the promised land. And the moment transcended baseball.

That feeling when you are going to the World Series (1:17)
Best moments from Cubs' magical regular season (2:14)
Maddon praises how Cubs embraced expectations (1:58)
Arrieta says Hendricks gave performance of his life in Game 6 (1:15)
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With no curveball, Kershaw had little chance

Clayton Kershaw got one strike out of the 15 curveballs he threw. The Cubs punished his other pitches. Here are the key numbers.

Epstein: Joe Maddon was the 'finishing piece' (1:40)
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Who Was Myles Thomas?

The Diary of Myles Thomas has been a season-long experiment in real-time historical fiction. Nearly 119 years to the day of his birth, we profile the real Myles Thomas.

Royals earn top MLB spot in 2016 Ultimate Standings (0:42)


Darren Rovell ESPN Senior Writer 

$98,000: Price a fan paid, including fees, on StubHub for 4 tickets above Cubs dugout to Game 7 of the World Series.

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Infielder Lennie Merullo, who died at age 98 in 2015, was the last surviving Cubs player from their last World Series, when they lost to Detroit in 1945. Reserve outfielder Ed Mierkowicz, 92, is the last survivor of the championship-winning Tigers. In his only appearance, the rookie replaced Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg in left field for the ninth inning of Game Seven with Detroit about to wrap up a 9-3 victory at Wrigley Field, behind a complete game from that Fall Classic's other Hall of Famer, Hal Newhouser. The Chicago Tribune interviewed Mierkowicz in February and he recounted a "crazy" clubhouse celebration of Detroit's first title in 10 years.

Coley Harvey ESPN Staff Writer 

It's a new morning in Chicago. A morning unlike any this city has seen the past 71 years.

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One of Jon Lester's biggest motivations for signing with Cubs was his envy of 2004 Red Sox. Now he's 4 wins away. "I didn't get to be part of it in '04," Lester told me after his introductory press conference in December 2014. "You look at Dave Roberts. He stole one base and the guy's a legend. To see that and to see how it changed the organization, changed the town, just the idea of coming here and breaking their (curse), that was one of the reasons that led us here."

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Congrats to Cubs Dexter Fowler

Jim Bowden ESPN Senior Writer 

Congrats to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts

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First comes the game. Then comes the party. Then comes the really hard part. Cleaning the clubhouse!

Jayson Stark ESPN Senior Writer 

Me to Miguel Montero: "This team really knows how to celebrate." He laughed: "I think we lead the league in that too."

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Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, when the end of the season arrived: "I'd much rather be in this situation and fail, than not be in this situation at all. As much as it does hurt, as much as I would have liked to have won tonight, I'm really thankful that I've gotten to be on a team that has been in the postseason four years in a row."

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2016 NL Champions

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Had an interesting exchange with one Cubs fan amid the mayhem after the game. Like he noted, the crowds were pretty tame. Excited, energetic, but restraint-filled reaction from Chicago tonight. A lot of people were simply standing around drinking beers, cheering, singing "Go Cubs Go" on an endless loop, and soaking up a moment that had eluded them and their parents and grandparents for so many years.

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Now that the NLCS champagne celebration has ended, let this soak in: When the lights come back on at Wrigley, the Chicago Cubs will be taking the field in Game 3 of the World Series.

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Mami! I'm the MVP!


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Dodgers team buses finally left Wrigley Field at about 11:30 p.m. local time, about 1-hour, 45-minutes after last pitch.

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Joe Maddon and the Cubs are headed to the World Series.


Chris Fowler @cbfowler

My focus had to be 100% on the job.. but now I get to reflect on.. Cubs are going to the WORLD SERIES!! My first sports love from '69 on

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Cubs celebrating