How to build the ultimate bullpen

When it comes to long relief, Astros All-Star Chris Devenski is one of the game's best. Juan DeLeon/Icon Sportswire

Seemingly every contender was out for bullpen help at the deadline, and for good reason. As wins become more important in pennant races and into the postseason, teams want to lock down the late innings, preserve victories or provide opportunities for comebacks.

In building an ideal bullpen, you would want a lockdown closer, a killer setup man, a lefty to neutralize left-handed sluggers in big moments, and a righty who can do the same. To make sure the bullpen isn't stretched too thin, a multi-inning middle reliever helps tie everything together.

Below is an attempt at creating that ideal bullpen, taking the component parts from multiple teams, although the Yankees alone come pretty close to matching this fantastic group.