Ranking all 50 players in the World Series

Astros shortstop Carlos Correa is one of the more athletically gifted players in the game. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Just under a thousand major league players arrived at Florida and Arizona spring training camps some eight months ago. On Tuesday, when the Astros meet the Dodgers to open the World Series, just 50 of those players will still be competing at a major league stadium.

The following is an attempt to rank those 50 players based on their ability to impact the series in a positive way. The following list is not a ranking of their 2017 performances or their projected future value. Rather, it is a ranking of the best bets -- given their talent, matchups and opportunities -- to excel over the next week-plus.

The list has an All-Star-roster feel. The 50-man group is a pool of two teams that were regarded as the class of their respective leagues for much of the season, though the Astros' bullpen appears to be a glaring weakness entering the series.

Here are the players most likely to impact the World Series, from one to 50.

Editor's note: The rosters are now official and the rankings have been amended to reflect those changes.

50. Juan Centeno, C, Astros

He's a third catching option for the Astros who will likely have little impact.

49. Derek Fisher, OF, Astros

He's a left-handed bat off the bench for the Astros, and he had a .663 OPS in the regular season.