One key move for every team this offseason

Locking shortstop Francisco Lindor into a long-term deal would be a big move for Cleveland. Jason Miller/Getty Images

Ah, Thanksgiving. Not only is it a time to give thanks, but it is also a time to shop. Undoubtedly in your local mall Christmas music is being piped through, in your town square a tree has been -- or soon will be -- erected, and you will be overwhelmed by Black Friday ads.

In major league front offices, decision-makers are also in transaction mode.

In this spirit we examine one transaction each major league team ought to consider for which fans will give thanks. (It goes without saying, every fan base would be thankful for Shohei Ohtani, not to mention those lucky few clubs in the hunt for the slugging services of one Giancarlo Stanton.)

So, with that, we look at all 30 teams starting with the team with the most wins in 2017 to the fewest.

Los Angeles Dodgers (104 wins)

The Dodgers should re-sign Brandon Morrow.