If these free agents snooze, they could lose (millions)

Can Zack Cozart turn his All-Star season into a lucrative long-term deal? Andy Lyons/Getty Images

No major league free agents have put ink on new contracts in the weeks since the official opening of free-agent season, but that's a state of affairs that's unlikely to last. With more than 150 MLB free agents, it makes sense for some players to sign with a new team quickly -- or else risk falling through the offseason cracks as Mark Trumbo did last year.

Free agency is a game of musical chairs, albeit one that tends to be a bit more lucrative than the version you played in kindergarten. Here are some free agents who would be wise to sign sooner rather than later.

Zack Cozart, shortstop

In this space last year, one name I suggested sign quickly was Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It wasn't that either the ZiPS projection system or myself thought that he'd be a poor signing -- ZiPS thought he should flirt with nine figures -- but because there were only a few teams really hunting for a third baseman.