Which contenders are most desperate for hitting help at the winter meetings?

White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu could be in high demand in trades to teams hunting for offensive help. Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

Here's the actual, fundamental truth about baseball: Value is value, no matter where it comes from. There's no such thing as having too much pitching, or too much hitting or too much defense. That being said, there's baseball in theory, and there's baseball in practice. In practice, some routes are just easier than others. It's not always simple to improve what's already a team strength. Sometimes teams just need to address their shortcomings, because, well, what contender wants to have shortcomings?

As such, which teams could stand to add some offensive pop? I'm focusing on five clubs in particular, with an emphasis on those looking to get or stay in the playoff hunt. We all know the Padres could improve, but as far as 2018 is concerned, how much does that matter? These five teams have greater urgency and might make moves to improve by the end of next week's winter meetings.

All five could improve in other areas, and I'm sure they'll try. But there are offensive holes that are just too big to ignore. For each, I provide answers I think could be smart, not just names plucked from the top of the market. Before advancing to the list, I'll point out the St. Louis Cardinals as an honorable mention. I know they're going after some bats, and I know they'll get one or two, but I don't think their current offense is actually weak or a handicap to their contending. With that introduction behind us, let's look at some lineups that should get better, and get better soon.