Our final picks are in for MVP, Cy Young, other award winners

A-Rod defends deGrom's Cy Young candidacy (0:54)

Alex Rodriguez picks Jacob deGrom as his NL Cy Young Award winner. (0:54)

The National League playoff picture hasn't exactly clarified over the last couple of weeks, but what has long been a muddled awards chase in that circuit seems to have settled. In fact, I would suggest that the toughest pick in the awards derby is actually in the American League, where the only pennant race drama we've had is about who gets to host the wild-card game.

Baseball doesn't start giving out its awards until mid-November, but with the regular season wrapping up this weekend, it's the perfect time to assess the candidates, while everything is fresh in our minds, and we don't know who will, or won't, succeed in the postseason. Besides, ballots are due before the playoffs begin.

A few weeks ago, I shared my formula for ranking players, called the Awards Index, and it's through that system that I've watched the races gain a measure of clarity. Today, I'm going to share my virtual ballot for each major award. These selections will be guided, but not dictated, by the Awards Index.

Along with the Awards Index leaderboards, I've listed the leading candidates based on the latest odds out of Las Vegas, courtesy of Bovada.