How Andrew McCutchen can beat market trends for older free agents

Can Andrew McCutchen land a multi-year deal as a 32-year-old free agent? Rob Leiter/MLB Photos/Getty Images

Travis Sawchik wrote an interesting piece for FiveThirtyEight.com recently about how the baseball industry is running away from major investments in players in their early 30s, and this is especially true for position players. Here is the list of infielders, outfielders or catchers who got multiyear deals last winter, at age 32 or older:

Zack Cozart, INF, Los Angeles Angels: 3 years, $38 million
Jarrod Dyson, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks: 2 years, $7.5 million
Todd Frazier, 3B, New York Mets: 2 years, $17 million
Chris Iannetta, C, Colorado Rockies: 2 years, $8.5 million
Howie Kendrick, UT, Washington Nationals: 2 years, $7 million
Mitch Moreland, 1B, Boston Red Sox: 2 years, $13 million

To review: Six position players, just one deal longer than two years.