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Monday, June 23
Updated: June 24, 8:56 AM ET
Former AL MVP in lockup until July 21 hearing

Associated Press

MIAMI -- Jose Canseco was ordered to jail Monday to await a hearing on whether he violated probation by testing positive for steroids.

The former American League MVP was being held without bond until a July 21 hearing. He had been under house arrest for earlier violating his probation stemming from a nightclub brawl and was arrested Friday on the results of a June 3 drug test.

State prison spokesman Sterling Ivey has said Canseco recently tested positive for steroids. Canseco, who retired from baseball last year, was charged with his twin brother, Ozzie, for the 2001 brawl in Miami Beach. He was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty last year.

Canseco appeared before the judge in jail-issue red jumpsuit and wrist and ankle shackles and did not speak during the hearing.

"Jose's only statement to me was, 'But I do take this seriously. I can't believe how this is spinning,'" Canseco attorney Jayne Weintraub said. She argued to the judge that the only reason he faced jail was because of his celebrity status.

Weintraub described Canseco as being "very disappointed and sad" and denied the violation saying there is "always misunderstandings."

Jose Canseco already violated his probation by leaving Florida for several weeks and failing to start community service and anger-management classes. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and two years of house arrest. He was warned that further violations could result in a 15-year prison sentence.

While confined to his house, Canseco has charged people $2,500 each through his personal Web site to "Spend the Day with Jose."

Autographed balls and posters also are for sale.

Canseco hit 462 home runs in his major-league career in which he has admitted using steroids. He played for seven teams, hitting .266 with 1,407 RBIs and 200 stolen bases.

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