Herzog won World Series with Cards

Jack McKeon won a World Series at age 72.

Whitey Herzog wouldn't mind winning another one in his 70s. And he wouldn't mind trying to do it in Boston.

The 71-year-old Herzog, who took the Cardinals to three World Series during the 1980s (winning one), told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he would certainly listen if the Red Sox have any interest in hiring him to replace Grady Little, who was fired Monday.

"Sure, I'd listen if they called me," Herzog told the newspaper. "All I've been doing is fishing and I'm tired of fishing."

Herzog reminds his friends that he's a year younger than McKeon, whose Florida Marlins beat the New York Yankees on Saturday to win the World Series.

"With Jack winning, a lot of old managers are probably going to get calls," said Herzog, who succeeded McKeon as the Kansas City Royals manager in 1975.

Herzog hasn't managed since quitting in July 1990. He turned down a job with the Red Sox two offseasons ago when he was offered the bench coach duties while Joe Kerrigan was managing. Herzog said he didn't want to seem like he was waiting for Kerrigan to be fired.