A-Rod on his choices: 'Doors open'

NEW YORK -- Alex Rodriguez became the second player from a
last-place team to win a Most Valuable Player award, then confirmed
that the Texas Rangers have approached him about a possible trade.

"Management has approached me with a situation and some
choices, and I'm just going to keep my doors open right now,"
Rodriguez said Monday from Mexico during a telephone conference

Rodriguez received 242 points for the American League award in
voting by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Toronto
first baseman Carlos Delgado was second with 210 points, followed
by New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada with 194.

Rodriguez has completed three seasons of a $252 million, 10-year
contract, the richest in baseball history. He has been paid $53.5
million and gets another $500,000 on Dec. 1. He also is owed $12
million plus interest in deferred payments from the contract's
first three seasons.

Rodriguez said he thought there had been talks about a possible
trade with "three of four teams" but didn't elaborate.

Regarding a possible trade, Texas general manager John Hart said, "We've made it very
clear that we think Alex is going to be here. At the same time,
we're not going to turn the phones off."

Hart said Hicks and Rodriguez had a conversation early in the
offseason to get A-Rod's feedback.

"Alex and the club both agreed we weren't looking to trade, but
if we were contacted regarding the possibility of a deal, Alex
basically said he'd keep his options open," Hart said.

"We had some conversations with some clubs early on in the
winter, but none the last several weeks," he said. "I don't see
much opportunity on the trade front."

While Rodriguez praised Texas owner Tom Hicks, he refused
comment several times when asked about his relationship with Hart
and manager Buck Showalter.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Monday that
Rodriguez hasn't returned Showalter's telephone calls and was
angered by the firing of a clubhouse attendant.

"I don't get an immediate callback from everybody, and they
don't always from me," Showalter said on a conference call. "I
don't take it personal."

Rodriguez, who has the right to veto trades, said that after he
was approached by the team about a possible trade, he thought about
it for a few days, then gave the team "flexibility" to discuss a

He realizes it would be difficult to trade such a large

"I'll probably end up being the shortstop for the Texas Rangers
this year, and that's fine with me," Rodriguez said.