Same deal, new deal or get dealt

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- American League MVP Alex Rodriguez said the Texas Rangers are considering trading him to two possible teams -- but he wouldn't say which ones.

Rodriguez, who has seven years left on a 10-year, $250 million contract, said at a news conference Friday that Rangers owner Tom Hicks told him there are three possible scenarios:

  • No. 1, the Rangers could stick with his contract, the highest-paying in Major League Baseball.

  • No. 2, Rodriguez could accept a contract restructuring to free more money to attract other good players, or…

  • No. 3, the Rangers could shop their top player around.

    "He told me the team might just give me option No. 3," Rodriguez said.

    The star shortstop wouldn't reveal his preference or say to which team he might agree to be traded. A clause in his contract prohibits the Rangers from trading him unless he agrees.

    This season, Rodriguez hit .298, tied for the major league lead with 47 homers, and led the AL in runs (124) and slugging percentage (.600). He had 118 RBI.

    Regarded by many as MLB's best all-around player, Rodriguez became the first AL player to win the MVP while playing for a last-place team.

    The 28-year-old said he was surprised to win the award because he didn't think he was going to have a good year. A strained neck plagued the first two months of his season.

    He spoke to reporters during a visit to the Caribbean country where his parents were born, and he echoed comments by Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa earlier this week that fellow Dominican Albert Pujols should have won the NL MVP award instead of Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants.

    Rodriguez said he thought the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder simply had a better season than anyone else.

    "Albert shouldn't worry. He will win many Most Valuable Player awards," he said.