Clemens mulling return to mound

HOUSTON -- A radio stunt could nudge future Hall of Famer Roger Clemens out of retirement.

Clemens is taking the weekend to decide whether he'd like to pitch for the Astros, where he would join friend Andy Pettitte, he told local talk show hosts from KKRW-FM Radio.

Rumors have been circulating since Clemens announced his retirement that he would unretire and pitch near home for the Astros. Clemens is technically a free agent, and can sign with any major league team.

When Pettitte decided on the Astros Thursday, that likely added to Clemens' motivation. Clemens and Pettitte were best friends on the Yankees.

However, Clemens was concerned that his Yankees' farewell gift -- a Hummer -- would be taken away if he decided to resume his career.

That's where the radio station comes in. KKRW's "Dean and Rog" came up with a plan: They made a plea on the air Friday morning for a Hummer they could offer to Clemens. Moments later, Hummer dealer and regular Dean and Rog listener Lee DeMontrond called in live with an offer.

An hour later the three hit the road in the Hummer, driving straight to the front door of Clemens' house, where they were greeted by Roger and his wife, Debbie.

When presented with the keys, a surprised Clemens said, "This is getting very interesting. ... I didn't know making a comment like that, you guys would show up in my front driveway with a burnt-orange H2."

Clemens added, "I am happy for Andy [Pettitte]. I think he is going to make a big difference." When asked if he would be in an Astros uniform come April, Clemens responded "maybe," and that the Hummer offer made things interesting.

The radio show's deal is good only until Monday morning.

When they signed Pettitte, the Astros said they certainly would be receptive to the idea of Clemens pitching in Houston. However, the Astros have not reacted to the radio station's attempts to lure the Rocket back into active duty.

When asked about the possibility of Clemens coming out of retirement to play in Houston on Saturday, Yankees GM Brian Cashman told The Associated Press that he wasn't upset.

"We all have a chance to change our minds and that's life,"
Cashman said. "He'll always be a Yankee, despite where he played
before us, despite where he plays after us."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.