One-year offer being discussed

HOUSTON -- Roger Clemens is expected to decide by next week
whether he will play for the Houston Astros this season, according
to a broadcast report.

Astros owner Drayton McLane and the agents for Clemens, Randy
and Alan Hendricks, met Friday for about two hours.

"Roger has indicated sometime in the next week he would make a
decision," McLane told Houston television station KRIV. "So they
updated me on that."

McLane said he hasn't extended an official offer to Clemens, but
that there have been discussions on the financial details of a

"No definite decisions have been made," McLane said.

McLane said he is confident the two can reach a deal.

Randy Hendricks said Wednesday that he expected a decision
during the final two weeks of January.

Clemens has been deliberating since Andy Pettitte, his close
friend and former New York Yankees teammate, agreed to a contract
with the Astros last month.

The Houston Chronicle reported in its Friday editions that
Astros owner Drayton McLane has given Clemens the parameters for a
one-year contract offer.

"Drayton has made it clear he wants to sign Roger, and we have
discussed financial parameters," Clemen's co-agent, Randy
Hendricks, told the newspaper. "The issue is not whether Drayton
will make an offer. Rather, it is whether Roger will play."

McLane told Houston television station KRIV that he had given
Clemens' agents a range during a general discussion in December on
parameters of a one-year agreement.

"There was no serious discussion or negotiation about money and
there has been nothing serious on that since," McLane said. "No
deal is imminent. Roger still has to make a decision on whether he
will play."

Clemens, 41, announced his retirement at the end of last season
with the Yankees. He lives in Houston.

Clemens was 17-9 with a 3.91 ERA while throwing 211 innings in
33 starts last season.

Clemens' agents have had numerous discussions with McLane over
the past few weeks about the possibility of Clemens pitching for