Magowan thinks 'competitive balance' affected

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- San Francisco Giants owner Peter
Magowan thinks the trade that sent Alex Rodriguez to the New York
Yankees is bad for baseball.

"In terms of competitive balance it is not good for baseball,"
Magowan said Monday in his first appearance at spring training.

"The Rodriguez trade moves us back to where we're escaping. The
team with the highest payroll can add the highest-salaried player.
It's good that A-Rod is playing in a big market, but it should be
another big market," he said.

Magowan also spoke about Barry Bonds chasing Willie Mays on the
career home run list, and his desire for a salary cap in major
league baseball. Magowan refused to discuss steroids, which have
become an even bigger issue since Bonds' personal trainer was
indicted on federal charges of providing steroids to athletes.

Magowan, who grew up a New York Giants fan and idolized Mays,
said the Yankees operate on a different level than every other

"I think all of us in baseball would prefer to get a salary cap
if we could," he said. "The Yankees are probably the only
ballclub that would not want to have one. They have a payroll of
$185 million. We'll probably start the season at $80 million. The
Yankees could be the only team to have to pay a payroll tax."

Magowan, who signed Bonds in one of his first acts as Giants
owner in 1993, thinks Bonds passing Mays for third place on the
career home run chart will be good for the franchise.

Bonds has 658 homers, two shy of his godfather.

"Records are made to be broken and I'm happy that Mays' record
will be broken by a San Francisco Giant," Magowan said. "It's
better for it to be Barry than anyone else. He probably won't be
the last guy to break it, either."

Magowan, who was in attendance the last time the Giants won a
World Series in 1954, said his goal all along has been to win
another championship.

"I honestly believed it should have happened by now," he said.
"In 2000 we had the best record in baseball and got upset by the
New York Mets in the first round. In 2002 we should have won but
didn't. Last year we felt we could beat the Marlins. We should not
underestimate how hard it is just to get into the playoffs. I think
it has been demonstrated time and again that if you're one of the
eight teams, you have a chance."

While deflecting questions away from the steroid issue, Magowan
did say that the Giants would not allow any personal trainers
access to team facilities, as instructed by baseball.

"A vast majority of the clubs chose to ignore that before,"
Magowan said. "Now we understand why the rules were there in the
first place."