Skybox: we'll 'never pay anything' to Cubs

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs plan to block the view of
Wrigley Field from the only rooftop that has not agreed to share
revenues with the team.

Cubs President Andy MacPhail would not say how the Cubs would
block the baseball field's view from Skybox on Waveland.

Twelve of the thirteen rooftop business that overlook Wrigley
have agreed to share revenues after disputing with the team for
years. Skybox has not agreed.

Skybox's attorney Chris Gair says the 125-seat rooftop will
"never pay anything" to the Cubs.

Alderman Tom Tunney says the Cubs need to continue to build
goodwill in the community and blocking Skybox's view does not help.

But George Loukas of the Wrigleyville Rooftop Owners Association
says the other rooftop owners will not feel sorry for Skybox if its
view is blocked.