The Boss blubbers during interview

George Steinbrenner started blubbering on TV during a pregame show Thursday, the second straight day that he had been moved to tears.

On Wednesday, during a surprise telephone call from Roger Clemens, Steinbrenner broke down when the Rocket thanked him for making him a Yankee.

What's going on with the Boss, a legendary tough guy?

The answer is elusive, but Friday's New York City newspapers were all over the story of the Yankees owner's teary TV appearance.

"There is crying in baseball," noted the Daily News.

It all took place during an interview with WCBS-TV sportscaster Warner Wolf and station news anchors Ernie Anastos and Dana Tyler.

Steinbrenner admitted to being emotional, and what seemed to move him the most was the "Thank you, George" chant by nearby fans during the interview, which took place in the leftfield stands.

"This is a very important thing that we hold the strings to. This is the people's team," Steinbrenner said, his voice cracking, according to the Times.

He was asked about his health, in reference to his fainting spell in December at the funeral for Otto Graham, which also could have moved him.

"You know, I'm getting older," he said. "As you get older, you do this more."

Older, younger, one thing that hasn't changed is his proclivity to take a jab at someone, very often his manager.

Joe Torre has a new contract after a spring full of kind words back and forth with Steinbrenner, but still, the Boss couldn't resist.

"You know he never was successful anywhere else he was," Steinbrenner said, according to the Post, "but when he got to New York he felt right at home and he did a great job for me and I owe him that."