Five disciplined for spring misdeeds

NEW YORK -- Detroit pitcher Nate Cornejo was suspended for five games and Philadelphia pitcher Ryan Madson for three for their actions during spring training games.

Arizona manager Bob Brenly, Phillies manager Larry Bowa and Tigers manager Alan Trammell were suspended for one game each.

All five also were fined Friday by Bob Watson, vice president in
charge of discipline in the commissioner's office.

Cornejo was penalized because Watson said he intentionally threw
a pitch at Philadelphia's Ricky Ledee in the sixth inning on March
29 after umpires issued a warning. Both Cornejo and Trammell were

Philadelphia's Vicente Padilla hit Carlos Pena in the top of the

Madson was suspended because Watson concluded he intentionally
threw a pitch at Toronto's Frank Catalanotto in the fourth on April
1 after a warning had been issued.

Two innings earlier, the Phillies' David Bell was hit in the
helmet by a pitch from Miguel Batista. After Madson and Bowa were
ejected, Batista threw up and in to Todd Pratt leading off the
fifth, causing the Toronto pitcher and manager to be ejected.

"I don't know why it came down on me," said Madson, who
appealed his suspension, which was to start Friday. "We'll see
what happens."

Bowa called Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, to
ask about the suspensions but had not heard back Friday afternoon.

Bowa's primary concern was why he and Madson were suspended, but Batista and Toronto manager Carlos Tosca were not.

"There's a double standard there," Bowa said. "I'd like to
know what the rule is."

Trammell and Bowa were penalized because of the actions of their
players. Brenly was penalized for "inappropriate conduct" toward
an umpire following a game against Milwaukee on March 29.

Brenly said the suspension came as a surprise.

"I will charactarize it as a misunderstanding," he said. "The
umpire incorrectly read my actions to mean one thing when I
actually meant something else. But it ends up as a one-day
suspension nonetheless."

All three managers are to serve their penalties Saturday.

With Detroit off Friday, Cornejo's suspension was to start