McGwire to throw out first pitch Saturday

ST. LOUIS -- Three years after Mark McGwire retired, the
St. Louis Cardinals still miss his larger-than-life presence.

The former home run king will make his first appearance at Busch
Stadium on Saturday since his retirement after the 2001 season, and
a near-sellout crowd is expected for the occasion.

His ex-teammates are eager to see him throw out the first pitch,

"He was the modern-day Babe Ruth," center fielder Jim Edmonds
said. "That's the way people perceived him.

"Mark was the last giant of the sport, and to play in this
town, he was twice as big. It seems like this town is ready to
embrace a hero, and he was that guy."

The Cardinals acquired McGwire from the Oakland Athletics in
1997. The next year he broke Roger Maris' 37-year-old record with
70 homers. McGwire's finishing kick, hitting five homers on the
final weekend, still stands out in manager Tony La Russa's mind,
even though Barry Bonds broke McGwire's record with 73 homers in

"I would rank it first with whatever sports clutch performance
you want to talk about," La Russa said. "That's as clutch as
anything any athlete has ever done -- and this guys' tank was real,
real light."

McGwire's tape-measure home runs drew raves, even in batting
practice, during his time in St. Louis. He was never comfortable
with the publicity and he's kept a low profile since retiring,
although he married a woman from nearby Glen Carbon, Ill.

McGwire even ducked the media at the funeral for Jack Buck in
2002, entering and leaving the church from a side door.

I wouldn't say he wasn't ready, but he wasn't used to it,"
Edmonds said. "It's like being in New York and I think it was
tough on him.

"I saw him decline from going out to dinner all the time to
having him go 'Hey, come over to my house.' "

McGwire hit 583 career homers, sixth on the career list. He
followed his 70-homer season with 65 in 1999 but was hampered by a
knee injury his last two seasons, batting .187 with 29 homers in