Man found on Walker residence identified

GOLDEN, Colo. -- Authorities opened a homicide investigation
after Colorado Rockies outfielder Larry Walker found a dead man on
his property.

The man was identified on Tuesday as James Martinez Jr., 36, of
Denver, who has served time in prison on felony drug charges.
Autopsy results were not immediately released.

Walker discovered the body Sunday while four-wheeling with his
toddler daughter. He is not considered a suspect.

"I did not know what it was at first," Walker said. "I didn't
know if he was sleeping, if somebody had passed out, if he was
drunk. I did not know."

Walker, who is recovering from a groin injury and has not played
this season, said police told him the body could have been there
five or six days. It was about 350 yards from his house near

Walker said he was shaken by the discovery.

"Who knows how his loved ones are dealing with this?" he
asked. "It's not about me. It's about an image burned into the
back of my head forever of finding a dead guy."