Power 10; Bottom 5

Has anyone else noticed how even the standings are after 25-28 games? The best winning percentage in baseball belongs to the Dodgers at just .640, which is pretty low after this short a time. (Usually someone will be zooming along at .700 or so.) Montreal is at .259, with Kansas City the AL's doormat so far at .320.

The Power 10; Bottom 5 rankings were determined by a poll of 11 people -- both writers and editors -- on ESPN.com's baseball staff. ESPN.com contributor Alan Schwarz ranks the teams from 11-25 and also writes the comments for all 30 teams.

Click here to view the rankings from Week 4, and then rank the teams for this week as you see fit. Numbers in bold type in parenthesis represent first-place votes. Numbers not in bold type in parenthesis represent last-place votes.