Schilling: Driver almost caused two collisions

WESTWOOD, Mass. -- Boston ace Curt Schilling helped police catch a man driving erratically Tuesday night, hours after he led
the Red Sox to a win over the Oakland Athletics.

Schilling was headed to his suburban Boston home when he spotted
a car driving unevenly on Route 109 in Westwood, a two-lane
highway. He called police on his cell phone, and police tracked the
driver down and pulled him over.

"We just noticed somebody almost cause two head-on
collisions," Schilling said after the Red Sox's game Thursday.
"It was obvious they were either hurt or impaired. I have four
kids. When I'm gone from home, people like that terrify me."

Police responded promptly, Schilling said.

"They did an unbelievable job," he said.

The dispatcher who answered the phone at the Westwood Police
Department on Thursday said there would be no one available to
comment on the incident until Friday morning.