Torres gets four games, McClendon one

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Salomon Torres was
suspended Friday for four games for throwing at Oakland's Damien
Miller, and manager Lloyd McClendon was suspended for one game --
McClendon's third suspension in six weeks.

McClendon was suspended because Torres' actions last Saturday
came after a warning had been issued. As a manager, McClendon is
not allowed to appeal and sat out Friday night's game against
Seattle. Bench coach Pete Mackanin managed the club in his absence.

Torres will appeal the decision and continue to play until his
case is heard. He also said he was fined $1,700.

McClendon was visibly upset with his latest suspension, one he
said he did nothing to warrant. The penalties were handed out by
Bob Watson, baseball's disciplinarian and a former major league

"Anybody who has any baseball sense about how things operate
would know that, as a manager, you're not ordering a guy to throw
at somebody when you've lost (six) in a row," McClendon said.

"It makes no sense and, to top it off, I've tried to explain
this to people time and time again that I've never ordered a
pitcher to throw at anybody, because I don't want to live with the
consequences if a guy gets hit in the head," he said. "For some
reason, nobody believes that and, as a result, I'm sitting out a

Torres threw two consecutive pitches behind Miller in the eighth
inning of a game the Pirates led 10-6. After the incident, the
Athletics rallied for a 12-11 victory -- the Pirates' seventh
straight loss of what became a nine-game losing streak.

Torres' first pitch sailed behind Miller about waist high, and
plate umpire Kerwin Danley warned both sides. Torres' next pitch
also went behind Miller, earning the pitcher and McClendon
immediate ejections.

Oakland reliever Justin Duchscherer hit Pirates catcher
Jason Kendall with a pitch in the top of the inning.

"I'm embarrassed because it's the first time I've ever been
thrown out of a game or suspended," Torres said. "I have appealed
the suspension and the fine because that's a lot of money."

Torres began to argue his case to reporters, saying, "Four
games and I didn't even hit the guy?" He then stopped talking,
saying he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize his appeal.

McClendon had never been suspended in his four seasons as
Pirates manager until this year. He drew a two-game suspension for
a shouting match with Cardinals manager Tony La Russa during a June
3 game, causing both benches to empty. McClendon also was suspended
one game after arguing balls and strikes during a May 9 game
against the Dodgers.