Burke has mild concussion from collision

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox catcher Jamie Burke had a mild concussion and was sore Tuesday after he was run over at the plate the night before by Minnesota's Torii Hunter.

Burke underwent several tests and spent the night in a Chicago hospital, but said he held no hard feelings toward Hunter, although he added it was possible the collision could have been avoided.

"I feel that he could have run straight into home plate and
slid around. I pretty much gave him the whole plate. He's playing
the game aggressively and that's a free area right there," Burke
said, adding he didn't consider the play a cheap shot.

"I respect him as a player. He always plays hard and that's why
they win," Burke said.

Hunter was on third in the eighth inning when Henry Blanco hit a fly to short right. Hunter tagged up, sprinted home and threw a
violent body block on Burke, sending him sprawling.

"I feel like a truck hit me," Burke said.

Hunter, who got in a verbal exchange with fans near the Twins' dugout when he came to the on-deck circle in the ninth inning,
reiterated that he wasn't playing dirty or trying to hurt Burke. He
was just trying to score.

"That's why I hit him so hard, I was coming full speed. The
instincts took over," Hunter said, adding again that he wanted to
talk to Burke and explain the play.

"I'm planning to talk to him. I didn't want him to go to the
hospital. He's a player and I'm a player," Hunter said.

Hunter had a knot on his leg from the collision but was in the
Twins' lineup Tuesday night.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said he wasn't upset with
Hunter's play at the plate because it sent a message that the Twins
play a tough, aggressive brand of baseball, the kind he wants to
see from his own team.

"Don't cry about it, do something about it," Guillen said.