Mondesi just 4-of-34 for Angels

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The Anaheim Angels terminated Raul
Mondesi's contract Friday after the enigmatic outfielder failed to
show up for another rehabilitation appointment in nearby Orange.

Mondesi, 34, was placed on the disabled list because of a torn
right quadriceps just 11 days after signing as a free agent with
the injury-riddled Angels. The contract was to pay him $1.75
million for the rest of the season.

"Enough was enough," said general manager Bill Stoneman,
adding that Mondesi also was a no-show on Monday. "The decision
was made because he had an obligation to show up for rehab, the
same as he'd be obligated to show up here if he weren't injured.

"This isn't the first time, and we just reached the point where
we realized that his commitment wasn't at the same level as ours

Mondesi played only eight games with Anaheim, going 4-for-34. In
his fourth game with the team, the two-time Gold Glove winner threw
out a runner at the plate and hit a home run. The next night, he
robbed Cleveland's Alex Escobar of a homer.

Mondesi's last game was a 17-inning affair against Milwaukee on
June 8 at Angel Stadium, when he hurt himself while running out a
grounder in the fifth and kept playing until he grounded out for
the final out of Anaheim's 1-0 loss.

Stoneman and manager Mike Scioscia have tried numerous times to
reach Mondesi on the phone the past several weeks, but never
received any return calls and have only been in contact with his

"An injury like the one Raul sustained takes an incredible
amount of commitment to be able to get back and play again.
Obviously, he wasn't going to follow up on that," Scioscia said.
"There was a need here for Raul's talents, but I know Mondi's got
a lot of issues and things going on in his life right now."

Mondesi began this season with the Pittsburgh Pirates, who
terminated his contract on May 19 -- just 12 days after he left the
Bucs to return to his native Dominican Republic and fight a


At the time, Mondesi claimed he was fearful for his family's
safety. He was contesting a lawsuit by former major leaguer Mario
Guerrero, who said Mondesi promised him 1 percent of his major
league earnings for helping develop his skills.

The New York Yankees dealt him to the Arizona Diamondbacks on
July 29, 2003, two days after he left the Yankees' clubhouse during
a game at Fenway Park and missed the team's charter flight to

Mondesi was upset manager Joe Torre replaced him with a pinch
hitter, then criticized the two-time AL manager of the year for not
treating him with respect. Torre later received a letter of apology
from Mondesi.

Now, it seems he owes one to the Angels.

"It's very disappointing, from the club's standpoint,"
Stoneman said. "We did some background on him and actually got
some favorable recommendations. We knew about the issues in the
past, but more recently, it appeared that he was a guy who was a
welcomed guy in Arizona and Pittsburgh. Why he's reacted this way,
I really couldn't tell you."

Mondesi began his major league career in 1993 with the Los
Angeles Dodgers and was NL rookie of the year the following season.