Selig expected to receive multiyear extension

Commissioner Bud Selig has said in past months he did not intend to push for a contract extension, but that doesn't mean baseball owners wouldn't offer one.

A high-ranking official confirmed to The Los Angeles Times for Wednesday's editions that "a number of clubs think it's appropriate to talk about an extension [for Selig] and likely take action" during the league's quarterly meeting in Philadelphia on Aug. 17-18.

According to The Times' sources, the agenda for the meeting includes an "executive session" during which two representatives from each team are expected to discuss and approve an extension to Selig's contract.

Selig's current five-year deal is to expire Dec. 31, 2006, at which time the labor aggreement with the Players' Association and national TV contract also will be up for renewal.

"The clubs consider it a critical period and think continuity in leadership is equally critical," the official told The Times. "Bud is a youthful 70. I never believed him when he talked about retiring when this contract expires."

Sources speculated the extension would likely be for two or three years.

In April 2003, Selig said he would not seek an extension of his current contract, but has been less emphatic in his decision recently as the league experiences a record attendance pace and improved TV ratings.

Selig has served as commissioner, in both an interim and full-term capacity, for 12 years, longer than any of the previous eight commissioners.