He doesn't want pennant race interruption

CLEVELAND -- Don't count on seeing any major league stars in the Olympics while Bud Selig is baseball commissioner.

Selig, who last week received a three-year extension through
2009, said Monday that a delay in the big league season for players
to participate in the Olympics would be too disruptive.

"I don't really see it because you can't stop a pennant race,"
he said.

Selig visited Jacobs Field on Monday at the invitation of
Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan. The commissioner discussed a
number of topics, and said he hopes a World Cup beginning in 2006
would serve as a substitute for the Olympics.

Selig also said the Expos won't play in Montreal next season,
but there's been no progress on where they will relocate.

He boasted that baseball is more popular than ever -- on pace for
74 million in attendance -- and is in its "golden era."

As for the designated hitter rule, he doesn't see it changing
anytime soon.

When one reporter called the American and National Leagues
playing by different rules "ridiculous," Selig said: "It's now
32 years old being ridiculous."