Fan was gunned down in stadium parking lot

LOS ANGELES -- A man was sentenced Tuesday to 50 years to
life in prison for shooting a man to death in a Dodger Stadium
parking lot after an argument.

Pete Marron, 20, was convicted in August of first-degree murder
in the Sept. 19, 2003, killing of Marc Antenorcruz, 25. The jury
also found Marron guilty of using a handgun in the attack.

Prosecutors said Marron shot Antenorcruz during a dispute near
the end of a game between the Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.
Police said the shooting apparently involved fan rivalry.
Antenorcruz was described by family members as a Giants fan.

"This defendant's actions are another tragic example of what
can happen when bravado and machismo overtake judgment," Deputy
District Attorney Tom Rubinson said after the sentencing by Superior Court Judge Robert Perry.

In August, Manuel Hernandez, 34, pleaded no contest to voluntary
manslaughter in the death of Antenorcruz. His 15-year prison
sentence was suspended.

During the trial, Rubinson said Antenorcruz had been drinking
and was belligerent the night of the shooting.

After words were exchanged between him and Hernandez,
Antenorcruz and his stepbrother approached Hernandez's SUV,
according to court testimony.

Marron, who was sitting in the car, pulled out a gun and shot
Antenorcruz twice, prosecutors said, adding that Antenorcruz was
not armed and did not verbally threaten Marron's life.